Between the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and countless state regulations, the list of rules you need to be aware of and in compliance with can seem like it is miles long. Fortunately, if you are using a dialer like CallShaper, it will have the technology built in that will ensure you are remaining in compliance with all of these rules with little or no effort on your part. Here, four of the solutions CallShaper utilizes to provide customers with relief from compliance headaches.

  • Extensive Call and Data Storage: The average length of time most dialers will save call recordings, reports and other data is just 60 days. CallShaper blows by this mark, storing all of this information for every client at no extra charge for seven full years. While maintaining an extensive library of call recordings and reports can help you optimize your agents’ performance and potentially increase sales, it is also incredibly helpful (and offers much-needed peace of mind) if you are ever faced with requests from regulatory agencies that require you to dig into these archives.
  • Automatic Compliance with the 3% Abandonment Rate Rule: If you are using CallShaper’s Predictive Dialer, our most technologically advanced dialer that is constantly adjusting call volume and frequency based on how your team is doing throughout the day, it will also adjust to make sure you are not going over the 3% abandonment rate limit. That means that if too many of your calls are being abandoned, the software will adjust the speed at which it dials to keep you under 3%.
  • Automatic Compliance with Day and Time Regulations: There are federal regulations regarding when you are allowed to call people as well as state regulations. Add in the fact that you are likely dealing with customers in multiple time zones and it can be hard to keep track of who you can and can’t call. The good news: CallShaper will keep track for you. It will analyze your leads and make sure that you aren’t calling anyone outside of appropriate hours or days of the week or on holidays.
  • Lead Oversight: In addition to their location to help you comply with day and time regulations, CallShaper will analyze further information about your leads, such as if they are wireless numbers or not, to ensure that you aren’t breaking any other rules when you are calling them. This will help you stay in compliance, plus weed out any fishy leads that appear on databases of numbers that are trying to scam or seek litigation against call centers.

Interested in learning more about how CallShaper helps you sidestep compliance headaches? Download our free Dialer Compliance Guide.