Compliance is a high priority for CallShaper.  We value working with only companies that want to be compliant and our system and our tools are there to help you.  The call center regulations are complex and managing these regulations manually can leave you open for errors and oversights.  Our goal is by automating many of these tasks, we can eliminate the room for error and ensure that if you are using our dialer, you are meeting your compliance requirements.

Here are the areas where we can help you with compliance:

  • Calling Days, Times and Holiday Restrictions
  • Do Not Call and Litigator Scrubbing and Management
  • Call Recording, Call History and Attempt Management
  • Abandonment and Caller ID Management
  • Scripting Compliance By State

Calling Days, Times and Holiday Restrictions     

Compliance is built into CallShaper for the following restrictions:

  • Calling hour restrictions by state
  • Calling hour restrictions by time zone
  • Holiday calling restrictions by state

Different states have different requirements for the hours of the day when you are allowed to call Monday through Friday and on weekends.  There are also Federal restrictions based on time zones.  And Holiday restrictions based on states.  Calling any customers outside of these days and times can subject you to fines.  CallShaper manages this all systematically so you do not have to worry about it.  It also allows you to set conservative dialing rules, so if the customer has a different area code and state listed on their address, the dialer only dials when the restrictions comply with both.

Do Not Call and Litigator Scrubbing and Management

CallShaper has the following processes built into the system:

  • Adding customers to your DNC list
  • Scrubbing DNCs out of your calling list
  • Integrating with DNC and Litigator scrubbing platforms
  • Requiring data fields for DNC exemptions
  • Wireless numbers can only be called with Express Consent

CallShaper provides multiple ways a customer can be placed on a DNC list.  You can upload a DNC list into CallShaper or select a disposition when a customer requests to be added to your DNC list.  If the outbound call is abandoned or if the customer dials into a campaign and does not speak to an agent, the customer is given the option to place themselves on the DNC list.  Once on a DNC list, that customer will be scrubbed out of all future calling on that campaign.

CallShaper can also integrate with DNC scrubbing platforms and litigators lists.

For wireless numbers, CallShaper requires you to enter information to validate inquiry status for DNC exemptions including date/time stamp of inquiry and express written consent confirmation.  Wireless numbers cannot be called without this information populated.  In addition, you can capture fields to show proof of inquiry; customer IP address and URL of inquiry.

Call Recordings, Call History and Attempt Management

CallShaper provides you with call history, call recordings and easy retrieval:

  • All calls are recorded
  • Permission to record can be built into your script
  • Recordings are stored for seven years
  • Records are easy to look up and retrieve recordings
  • Call history can be easily retrieved by just searching on the number
  • CallShaper is integrated with Trusted Form and Jornaya
  • Attempt management settings allow you to manage the frequency of dialing

Call history and recordings are stored for you in an easy to retrieve format, so if you have a look-up, all you have to do is search by the number.  You will be able to see the full call history of that number and click on any of the calls to retrieve the associated recording.  Customer look-ups become a breeze.  Integration with Trusted Form and Jornaya allows you to provide proof of inquiry through web form screen captures.  The attempt management settings in CallShaper allow you to manage how frequently and how many times you dial a number.  While this is not required for compliance, it allows you to keep customer complaints down.

Abandonment and Caller ID Management

CallShaper requires compliance with abandonment and caller ID requirements which cannot be overwritten

  • Abandonment managed systematically to the 3% requirement
  • Recorded messaging required for abandoned calls
  • Caller ID required on all campaigns
  • Caller ID must ring back to the campaign or a voice mail
  • Local touch uses only valid numbers that ring back to your campaign
  • Local touch follows state requirements where this is regulated
  • Integrated with Trusted Caller ID

Your management team does not have to manually manage the abandonment or caller ID messaging, so there is no room for error.  Abandonment management to the 3% is handled completely by the system.  CallShaper requires this to be set up during the campaign creation and does not allow you to bypass them.  CallShaper offers Trusted Caller ID so your customers and prospects know you are a legitimate company when you call.

Scripting Compliance By State

States have different scripting requirements.  And there are various requirements for PCI and HIPAA compliance as well.

  • Build in the specific required opening into the scripting for the Right To Proceed states
  • Make sure permission to record is built-in for the states that require two-party consent
  • Remind your reps when they are in a No Rebuttal state
  • Turn the recording off systematically when the rep is collecting confidential information
  • Ensure data is secure when confidential information is being collected

CallShaper allows you to build in compliance required scripting by state to help ensure your reps follow these requirements.  Your reps do not have to remember what the state requirements are, the variables can be built into the scripting and displayed clearly on their screens.  You can also control turning the recordings on and off when required so confidential credit card or social security data is not recorded and stored.  And with CallShaper housing the data and the recordings, you can ensure your data is secure.

It is important to us that your business is successful and call center compliance is a big part of that.  CallShaper is here to help make that as easy as possible for you! Request a Demo Today!