CallShaper was founded in 2012 but our software was born years before that when we set out to create a platform to run all aspects of our own call center’s operations.

Our philosophy has three main goals:  Ease of use, accurate real-time reporting, and flexibility.

Ease of use, is important because we feel that technology should help achieve the business goals and not get in the way.  This is especially true from an agent’s perspective.  We want the agent to be able to focus on the call and making the sale, not on a cumbersome process that distracts them from their true purpose.

Outbound telemarketing is a tough business where the margins are small.  Having accurate information to manage the campaign is vital to its success.  Our real-time reporting is designed to be accurate, easy to read and to quickly present the information needed to keep campaigns on track.

Early on, we found that we needed to be extremely flexible to satisfy client needs.  Because of this, our platform is designed to allow for custom scripting and integration with third party systems.  With all of our campaigns, we strive to automate 100% of the process and the CallShaper platform makes that possible.

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