Features to Suit Every Campaign’s Needs

Dynamic Scripting

With our Dynamic Scripting feature, you can create your own custom agent scripting that is tightly integrated with your ordering systems. OR, use an external Script within the agent application to streamline the process within CallShaper.

  • Tailor your campaign’s scripting to match your client’s requirements exactly.
  • Custom agent scripting can also be tightly integrated with your ordering systems.

Enforce your business rules at the agent level – ensuring delivery of high-quality work to your clients. Contact us today to schedule a demo!

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Lead Management

Use our Lead Management and API features to get leads to the top of your sales funnel. Accept new leads on your website and post them directly into the dialer to begin calling them immediately:

  • Real time lead posting
    • Leads posted in real time are immediately available for dialing and you can track each real time source separately.
  • Bulk file uploading
    • Import leads from your own database or files from your lead vendors quickly and easily. Just upload the file, match up the fields, and let CallShaper do the rest.
To start getting the most out of your leads, schedule a demo today!

  • Flexible lead prioritization
    • Need to test a new lead source? Have a hot source you want to prioritize? With our flexible lead dialing you can control the mix and priority of leads from multiple sources.
  • Lead source reporting
    • Just started buying leads from a new source? Our real time lead dialing reports will quickly reveal the winners and losers so you can react quickly.

Real Time Reporting

With CallShaper’s accurate, real time reporting, you can quickly measure agent and lead performance.

  • Dashboard: Shows what is happening with your campaign in real time.
  • Team: See individual agent performance as well as team summaries.
  • Media: Analyze performance of your inbound media by type and individual advertisement.
  • Lead File: Use this report to identify lead files that are out of juice or determine which lead sources are worth your money.
  • Timesplit: See how call volume changes throughout the day. This report can help you staff appropriately to handle your inbound call volume.
  • Sales: Have a campaign with upsells, downsells, or multiple product types? Use this report to find out what your agents are selling.
  • Disposition: Find out why callers are not buying. This report will also help identify agents that may be selecting incorrect dispositions.
  • Custom Reports: To fit your specific needs.

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Quality Assurance

Thanks to CallShaper’s built-in Quality Assurance safeguards, poorly entered data, underqualified or misreported sales, and missing call dispositions are things of the past!

  • CallShaper’s Quality Assurance Scorecard allows you to create questions and scoring based on your company’s policies, standards and the unique needs of your client.
  • Not only does our Quality Assurance Scorecard ensure client confidence, but you’ll love the fact that it is offered at no additional cost!

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Dialer Types

Our Outbound Dialer enables call center agents to increase their number of live connections dramatically, while keeping checks on quality control and helping to reduce costs and increase ROI and TCO.

  • Predictive Dialer
    • Enhanced with statistical algorithms, our predictive dialer increases calls made per day; automates the call handling process; and reduces unanswered calls, long waiting times, and dead numbers.
    • You are not limited to a tiny 4:1 dialing ratio, nor will you need to babysit the dialer. Best of all, our predictive dialer keeps your agents taking with clients!
  • Preview Dialer
    • Use our Preview Dialer to allow agents to review detailed lead information before the call is connected. This mode is especially useful for business to business campaigns.
  • Manual Preview and Click to Call
    • Manual Preview is designed to allow the agent to initiate the call.
    • Click to Call allows your agents to click any phone number in your CRM, from a search or a spreadsheet to make a quick outbound call!

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Our drag and drop IVR editor allows you to route calls to the proper destination, send them to voicemail, transfer to a third party and much more. Make decisions based on agent availability, day of week, time of day, or type of call to handle your inbound volume as efficiently as possible.

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Call center directors retain full system control with CallShaper. There is no need for dedicated IT support.

  • Our robust Help Center includes step-by-step articles, troubleshooting tips, training manuals and training videos.
  • New customers receive customized training to get your first campaign/programs up and running quickly.
  • Contact us by phone, chat, set an appointment with our team or use our ticket system. When you need help, our customer service team is quick to lend a hand.

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APIs and Webhooks

 Use Webhooks, API’s and Zapier to get completed client interactions, sales and call data into your CRM in real time.

  • CallShaper offers many integration options, including APIs that integrate with your CRM.
  • Use our Zapier integration to communicate with over 1,000 different web applications.
  • Use Webhooks with our Dynamic Scripting to access and update CRM data in real time.
  • Use CallShaper’s Open API’s to connect any platform you would like!

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