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At CallShaper, our partners help our customers to do more quickly and efficiently. Take a seat with CallShaper and our partners, everyone is able to do more.

Active Prospect

ActiveProspect is the SaaS platform on a mission to make consent-based marketing the best method for customer acquisition.
Our comprehensive product suite empowers companies across industries to take real-time action on their leads, protect themselves from litigation by documenting proof of consent, and save money by providing new levels of data insights and control.

black aliance

The Blacklist Alliance provides lead generators, call centers, marketers, and brands a Litigation Firewall® that dramatically reduces the risk of TCPA lawsuits. Our comprehensive, attorney-directed solution includes an array of compliance and data enhancement tools, including DNC scrubbing and online employee training that augment compliance, enhance efficiency, and maximize ROI.


Cloud Tech Gurus (CTG) is a Technology Marketplace comprised of expert contact center/customer engagement consultants and 600+ next-generation, best-of-breed and disruptive Technology Suppliers. Cloud Tech Gurus helps companies take away the hassles, frustration and time generally associated sourcing solutions. No more multiple discovery meetings or pressure from salespeople.


Contact Center Compliance is the industry leader in TCPA and DNC compliance. They integrated our full cloud compliance suite that includes Litigator Scrub and GeoScrub.We have been in business over two decades and have performed over 85 billion phone number scrubs to date no violations or lawsuits from our 900 plus clients.

Cutter Consulting Group specializes in transforming sales operations into scalable revenue machines that produce predictable results, no matter the size of the team, the industry, or the sales cycle length. Leveraging the principles of the Sales Success Iceberg and Authentic Persuasion®, our goal is to help your salespeople close more deals, make more money, and produce profitable, term clients your business.

Since, 2009 Brooks Integrated Marketing helped 1,000’s business’s grow revenues by providing targeted data calling, email, digital & direct mail.
In addition our software, provides users an easy to use platform which turns leads, client and prospect data into additional revenue by expanding marketable universe by cleaning, enhancing , and appending data on line marketing, telemarketing and direct mail.

IPQS provides leading phone number reputation and validation. Identify fraudulent leads, disconnected numbers, and reputation data any phone number. Accurately identify virtual numbers (VOIP) and enrich numbers reverse identity lookups.

Infutor is a leader in the consumer identity resolution space. Our focus is providing our clients with the most complete and accurate data-driven information about consumers in real-time so they can identify their best customers, reach new audiences, and mitigate risk. is an Intent Based Lead Generation & Media Buying Agency operating under the umbrella of MediaZod LLC. Our team brings over two decades of experience to our clients. By working with us direct, advertisers and agencies have a distinct advantage because we are also a publisher. We email internally 100% Opt-In Can Spam Compliant.

NobelBiz is a world-class Telecom and CCaaS company 20 of experience delivering complete solutions contact centers across the globe two main products. The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network is the only network built from the ground up to accommodate and encourage contact-center-specific traffic. The NobelBiz OMNI+ cloud contact center software features a unique blend of capabilities: from Omnichannel and Impressive API integrations to simple cross-channel campaign setup and remote work, among others.

Our company is one of India’s leading IT solutions company offering software development, web development, healthcare IT solutions, international call center, business process outsourcing (BPO), knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), legal process outsourcing (LPO) services and more. The company offers end-to-end IT solutions covering a wide range of industry verticals and the service portfolio encompassing all inbound, outbound, data conversion, data processing and data management services.

Verse is a next-generation Lead Conversion Platform with specialized technology and highly skilled human concierges. We focus on engaging, qualifying, and converting inbound leads for marketing and sales teams. Our mission is to close the lead conversion gap by driving significantly higher revenue for our customers while giving their prospects a better experience along the way.

With more than 30 years of experience in technology, telecom and business process management, our team delivers creative & insightful tips. Stay up to date with the latest in outbound calling strategies & the STIR/SHAKEN Framework.

WebRecon identifies professional plaintiffs, serial litigants, and frequent filers lurking in your database BEFORE contact them and expose yourself to a likely lawsuit. Protect your company from as many as one in three new consumer lawsuits by scrubbing your data through WebRecon first.

LanguageLine created the language access industry in 1982. As the need for language access has grown, so have we. Today we are proud to be the world’s foremost provider of language services.

OnScript AI is an AI-powered platform designed to automate the transcription and quality assurance process of call audio content, addressing the challenge of time-consuming and error-prone manual call evaluation. The product provides a cost-effective and accessible solution that offers real-time transcription. provides powerful and automated AI Assistants and tools to reduce costs, automate business tasks and improve productivity of businesses. It can be used in many business functions including: customer support, sales & marketing, Internal business processes, HR functions, surveys and more.

Commio is the uniquely customizable, cloud-based communications API platform that makes it easy to deliver integrated voice and text messaging.
Our smart, reliable solutions are easy to implement. We scale with you, and give you the control you need so every call and text gets through.

OutboundIQ was founded by a team of veteran call center professionals and passionate technologists. Solving unique industry challenges is in our DNA. Using our tools and services, customers consistently achieve higher contact, penetration, and output rates. outboundANI is our cornerstone product. A fully automated, data-driven, Machine Learning engine, outboundANI integrates directly into CallShaper to instruct optimal ANI assignment. Bundled with our Consultative Approach and ANI Carrier Registration services, we address the multi-faceted challenges impacting your contact rates from every possible angle.

AnswerNet Compliance assists all types of businesses, including call centers and telemarketers, engaged in outbound/inbound phone call operations or SMS/MMS aimed at selling products or services, including membership/customer retention, to achieve compliance with federal regulations (primarily the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, TCPA and Telemarketing Sales Rule, TSR) as well as any state-specific laws. This is achieved through a three phase approach including an extensive gap analysis, guiding the client through gap remediation and then ongoing monitoring to ensure continual compliance with ever-changing federal and state regulations.

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