Harnessing the Power of the Cloud for Greater Sales Efficiency

CallShaper is the originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based call center platform for efficiency- and compliance-minded directors of inbound and outbound telemarketing call centers. Whether your call center is in-house or external, if you want to automate 100% of your telemarketing process and keep your agents focused on making sales, CallShaper has the answer!

  • Dynamic and highly flexible, CallShaper’s platform offers 99.999% reliability and has earned a 5-star rating on Capterra. With CallShaper, call center directors who are managing multiple vendors from multiple locations have everything they need on one platform that allows for custom, do-it-yourself scripting and integration with third party systems.
  • When it comes to reporting, CallShaper has no equal in providing real-time transparency. At the same time, CallShaper’s “set it and forget it” predictive dialer is a big productivity plus – doing the dialing for up to 20 lines per agent. Another CallShaper advantage is its built-in Quality Assurance Scorecard, offered at no additional cost.
  • Unlike with standard call center platforms, CallShaper clients quickly find that they are better able to manage efficiencies at the sales rep level. Users can be up-and-running with as little as four hours of training, and there is no need for dedicated IT support.
  • CallShaper also beats the competition on compliance, retaining easy-to-access compliance information at no charge for seven years – five years longer than the two years required by TCPA.


CallShaper’s agent application makes it easy for agents to be effective whether they are in-house or remote. The agent experience is meant to be automated and efficient, allowing them to focus on the caller, and not a cumbersome process that takes them away from their true purpose.

Our supervisor application presents an easy-to-read, real-time view of your agent’s status. With CallShaper’s toolset, supervisors can monitor, whisper, barge, chat, and effectively manage their teams using a PC or tablet from anywhere in the world.

CallShaper’s manage application puts the controls in your hands. Our easy-to-use interface was designed with call center managers in mind and requires little to no involvement from IT staff. Each campaign is customizable, allowing you to automate the process for your agents.

CallShaper Management Team

Bob Wienholt

Bob Wienholt
CEO and Cofounder
Bob works closely with our clients for telephone and technology implementation to support your business needs and our business goals. Bob has extensive background and experience with IT systems, including custom management software and VoIP-based systems. He excels at technical architecture and software design, data analysis, team management, and implementation of technology solutions. At his previous job, he was the Chief Technology Officer of a national direct response company where he was responsible for the development and maintenance of all IT systems. This included the implementation of a call center phone system integrated with the CRM software which increased the company’s ability to process a call volume capacity of over 10,000 calls per day and expanded the software’s capability to service a customer database of over 555,000.

Sean Bright

Sean Bright
CTO and Cofounder
Sean’s main focus is developing and fine-tuning our custom agent and supervisor applications as well as script creation. Sean has over 17 years of development experience in varied technical arenas, such as custom web applications and rich client applications. Over the past few years, Sean has become an expert and regular contributor to Asterisk, the VoIP platform that the Transparent BPO call center platform is built on. Previously, he was the Director of Application Development for a provider of extended service plans for the automotive industry where he managed the call center infrastructure and developed business management applications for the day-to-day operations of the organization. Sean studied Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Denise Hogarth

Denise Hogarth
Director of Customer Support
Denise joined CallShaper in 2015 as Director of Customer Support. As head of services, support, and training, she is responsible for ensuring customer success and helping drive operational strategy. Denise has a diverse understanding of call center operations and management with over 20 years of experience and is passionate about delivering innovative and sustainable results for clients. Her knowledge, integrity, and ability to understand client needs, has helped to make CallShaper into the best cloud-based solution available.


The developers of CallShaper, who remain active in platform improvements and development today, created CallShaper for their own call center in 2009. Due to client demand, CallShaper became independent in 2012.

They were determined to create a dialer that was:

  • Easy for all users to navigate, update and adjust;
  • Contained a robust array of reporting; and
  • Had the flexibility to accommodate call centers of all sizes.

In other words, they successfully created software that does not require IT to update, program or make lead changes.

See for yourself how CallShaper will improve your operation.