Solving Call Center Challenges

CallShaper’s feature-rich, cloud-based call center platform tackles your toughest telemarketing challenges.

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Outbound Call Center

Whether you are dialing through outbound lead lists or running TV, radio or print ads to drive inbound calls, CallShaper can make these processes more efficient.

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Inbound Call Center

CallShaper has everything you need to make your inbound call center a top performer, whether your team is fielding calls from multimedia ads or handling customer service calls. Our inbound toolset includes:

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Client Management

CallShaper gives your clients the flexibility to access the system for their specific campaign, and more!

  • Real Time Reporting lets them pull their own reporting and listen to their own calls. Not only do they have real time access to reporting and recording, but they can also pull combined and site-level reporting.
  • Thanks to Dynamic Scripting, your client can run multiple locations, both internally and outsourced, off of the same system for scripting control.
  • If you are running multiple clients on CallShaper, Quality Assurance keeps each client completely isolated and protected. That way, only members of that team can see and have access to the campaign.

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CallShaper offers many integration options – our goal is to help you automate 100 percent of your call center process.

  • Use our Lead Management and API features to get leads into the top of your sales funnel. Accept new leads on your website and post them directly into the dialer and begin calling them immediately.
  • With our Dynamic Scripting feature, you can create your own custom agent scripting that is tightly integrated with your ordering systems.
  • At the bottom of the sales funnel, you can use our Webhooks to get closed sales into your CRM.

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Agent Performance

Labor costs are the #1 issue related to agent performance. But high labor costs are no match for CallShaper’s:

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Media Tracking

CallShaper has everything you need to make good decisions about where to spend your advertising money:

  • With Lead Management, for each inbound media source, you can set up an inbound phone number that tracks those calls. Lead vendors can post into a unique URL to allow performance to be tracked by lead source.
  • Real Time Reporting allows you to easily see what is going on with your media, how much volume is coming in, how the leads/calls are converting to sales and what your cost per sale is for each media source.

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CallerID Remediation

CallShaper Partners with CallerID Remediation by

Get a priority on automatic spam fixing for application companies that are flagging you as spam likely:

  • Automatic Spam Fixing

  • 87% spam to 0% spam in under a week.
  • Maximize contact rates by avoiding being mislabeled as spam

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Professional Services

CallShaper does whatever it takes to help you create a system that fits your business perfectly.

  • Our Professional Services team can help your IT team configure our APIs to integrate with your CRM.
  • By adapting our Dynamic Scripting, we can also help you create custom agent scripting that is tightly integrated with your ordering system.

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CallShaper is what made my business successful. I was able to manage a remote team of 300 workers, monitor their stats real time and listen to live calls, and know exactly what was going on with each rep. This made the need for a physical location unnecessary, saving me lots of overhead costs. I would highly recommend CallShaper to anyone looking for a dialer, especially if they are trying to manage remote or off shore staff.

Christie Anderson

Byte Success Marketing

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