Call Centre SystemsAgent Efficiency

If payroll isn’t your call center’s biggest expense, it is probably pretty close. Obviously, you want to maximize the amount of revenue generated when your agents are on the phone. CallShaper has several strategies to help you get the most out of your agent’s time:

Predictive dialer

In today’s call center environment, predictive dialers are a must. Our algorithm is designed to do what it takes to keep your agents busy while still adhering to all applicable regulations. With CallShaper you are not limited to a tiny 4:1 dialing ratio, nor will you need to babysit the dialer. Our platform constantly watches changes happening to your campaign and reacts accordingly.

Answering Machine Detection

It’s virtually impossible to make someone’s voicemail purchase what you are selling. Our platform uses AMD technology to prevent these calls from wasting your agent’s time. Your agents won’t be getting any busy signals or disconnected numbers either.

Easy to use interface

It has always been our goal to allow agents to focus on the most important aspect of their job: interacting with the caller. To achieve this, we built our software to be easy to use and to help the agent as much as possible.

Custom Scripting

All campaigns are different. Whether it be the sales pitch, the prospect qualifying process, the data submission, or payment capture, you need flexibility to meet your client’s requirements. We can tailor your campaign’s scripting to match your client’s requirements exactly.

Quality controls

Poorly entered data, underqualified or misreported sales, missing call dispositions and incomplete data captures are all things that can get you in hot water with your client. With our custom scripting and process controls, your business rules will be enforced at the agent level ensuring high quality work delivered to your clients.