CallShaper: Telephone Answering Service

CallShaper is a cloud-based hosted call center solution that gives you all the tools you need to easily manage leads, increase agent efficiency and ROI, measure performance, and much more.

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    About CallShaper’s Telephone Answering Service

    CallShaper’s Telephone Answering Service software revolutionizes call center operations with its comprehensive suite of features designed to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our software offers advanced call routing capabilities, ensuring that calls are directed to the most appropriate agent for quick and effective resolution. With real-time monitoring and reporting, supervisors can track performance metrics and make informed decisions to optimize call center performance. Experience the power of CallShaper’s Telephone Answering Service software and take your customer service to new heights

    • Custom message templates specific for each client and channel

    • HIPPA Compliant

    • SMS/Text & Email

    • Real-time Monitor, Whisper, Barge, and Chat optimized for tablets. 

    • Real-Time Flexible reporting for Leads Performance, Campaign Performance, and Agent Performance. 

    • Customizable scorecards to grade recorded calls and provide feedback to agents.

    • Hosted in the cloud, ability to be up and running quickly and will save on IT costs.

    • Easily add seats with a quick email or reduce your seat count depending on seasonal workforce demands.

    • Integration using API’s, WebHooks, Zappier and Onsite Technical staff.

    • Dialer settings for Predictive, Preview, Progressive, and Manual.

    What Are People Saying?

    CallShaper has been great! The support, access to stats and just the overall layout of everything. This is a great system and one of the best features is the customization script on the fly making it really easy to make changes to existing scripts and the logic is easy to understand

    Carl Veldhuizen, American Benefit LLC

    This software is so easy to use. I had both my Supervisor and QA in training using the software within their first few days in their new position. They were able to catch on quickly and even identify features I was not aware of. They both love this tool and rated it as 5 star, I totally agreed with them.

    Stanley Burgess, SB Global