Call Labeling an Issue? CallerID Remediation is the answer.

Contact Rates in the Basement? SPAM Labels destroying your business?

SPAM and low contact rates are likely due to unwanted call blocking and call labeling due to regulations, telecom carrier policies, and apps. Ensuring YOUR calls get through is critical! Brands often struggle with being mislabeled as spam – in fact, 87% VoIP lines are identified as spam across one of more of the carrier networks. This plagues businesses with low answer rates as consumers don’t trust their phones.

Now there’s a solution. CallShaper, in partnership with Contact Center Compliance now offers Caller ID Remediation. CallerID Remediation was built to conquer these challenges and restore your contact rates, and your good name.

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    • NEAR Real-Time Automatic Spam Fixing
    • 87% SPAM to 0% spam in under a week
    • Maximize contact rates by avoiding being mislabeled as SPAM
    • Reaches 400 million+ U.S. devices without being mislabeled as spam.
    • Dialer Consulting Best Practices to maximize contract rates.
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