Superior Lead ManagementSuperior Lead Management

We understand how important leads are to a telemarketing campaign.   In a perfect world, you get the most out of the good (and usually expensive) lead sources and quickly identify and discontinue the bad sources.   With CallShaper, you have plenty of options to easily and effectively manage your leads:

Real-time lead posting

Create click to call forms on your website or accept real-time feeds from your lead vendors. Leads posted in real-time are immediately available for dialing and you can track each real-time source separately.

Bulk file uploading

Import leads from your own database or files from your lead vendors quickly and easily. Just upload the file, match up the fields, and let CallShaper do the rest. We’ll automatically scrub out duplicates, check your internal do not call lists and optionally integrate with third party national DNC list vendors.

Flexible lead prioritization

Need to test a new lead source? Have a hot source you want to prioritize? Doing an A/B test? No problem. With our flexible lead dialing you can control the mix and priority of leads from multiple sources.

DNC scrub integration

Ask about our third-party national DNC scrub integration. We make it easy to import your leads and scrub them in one easy step.

Regulatory compliance

The new TCPA rules regarding wireless numbers has turned the outbound telemarketing world upside down. We check multiple databases to determine if your leads are land-line or wireless and apply the appropriate rules to keep you compliant. If you are getting Express Written Consent, we handle that too.

Per lead source reporting

Just started buying leads from a new source? Don’t wait until the end of the day to analyze its performance. Our real-time lead dialing reports will quickly reveal the winners and losers so you can react quickly.