Supervisor ApplicationSupervisor Application

Our supervisor application presents an easy to read real-time view of your agent’s status. In addition, it provides a set of tools to allow supervisors to effectively monitor and manage their teams.

Agent Status

The color coded and easy to read interface lets you see what all your agents are doing at a glance. Quickly identify potential problem calls and extra long breaks.


Use the chat feature to offer help to an agent or send announcements to the entire team.


Have a new agent that you need to keep an eye on? Has that veteran been on a call way too long? Find out what’s going on by listening to live calls with the click of a button.


Need to take over a call from a struggling agent? Or do would a second voice help make the sale? The barge feature lets you do that… just one click and you are in a three way call with both the agent and caller.


Offer words of encouragement to your agent that the caller cannot hear. It’s just like whispering in your agent’s ear.

Tablet enabled

Put on a bluetooth headset and walk the floor with tablet in hand. Our supervisor app gives you the freedom to roam and still access the entire feature set.