Telephone answering services are useful to many more businesses than you might imagine. Last year, we wrote a blog touching on four businesses that use telephone answering services: healthcare, veterinarian, small businesses, and essential home services. Today, we’re discussing four more businesses who can benefit from using a telephone answering service.

Real Estate


Real estate agents conduct so much of their business over the phone. Whether it’s communicating with clients to coordinate schedules and discuss properties, speaking with other real estate agents to schedule showings for their own clients or fielding calls from other agents about their own listings, they spend a lot of their time talking on the phone. Yet if they answered every single one of the calls they received, they might not have time to show homes, draft offers, and review contracts. That’s why a telephone answering service can be so helpful for real estate agents. They can field incoming calls, schedule showings or follow-up calls, and organize tasks for agents in order of urgency.


Property Management


Property managers, from individual landlords to whole companies, have much busier days than people might realize. While some landlords may only have a single tenant or two, other property managers are responsible for entire apartment buildings, condo communities, or homeowner’s associations filled with homes. All that to say, it’s hard work, with communication coming in from all angles—tenants and homeowners, contractors, staff, prospective tenants, and more. Telephone answering services can field calls from all of these parties when administrative staff are away from their desks or when calls come in after hours. They can also play a key role in capturing the interest of prospective tenants who may not bother calling back if they get an answering machine.




Like real estate, so many aspects of the insurance business happen over the phone. Calls between customers and agents to discuss claims and plans and calls between the insurance company and their service providers could easily take up 24 hours every day. But insurance agents have many other tasks to handle, from drafting quotes and sales plans to reviewing claims and customer inquiries. Telephone answering services can vet inquiries, answer basic questions, handle early steps in the sales process and keep insurance agents from drowning in communications.




Even if you don’t know any personally, you likely know that lawyers are incredibly busy, often working long hours on a too-large caseload. If they didn’t have people fielding calls from prospective clients, reaching out to partners and clients for updates, and handling administrative tasks, they would never get anything done. A good telephone answering service can do all of this and more, freeing up lawyers and other legal professionals to focus on the work that their clients need them to do.

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