There are certain businesses who need to be accessible to their customers at all times. Even if the exact person or service a customer is trying to reach is not available 24/7, being able to speak to someone offers both peace of mind and a way for a customer to take one step towards accomplishing the goal they had when they contacted the business in the first place. For companies in this situation, having a telephone answering service is critical. And just like any call center, answering services need reliable, functional, and easy-to-use software to support their daily tasks. Here are four reasons to choose CallShaper’s answering service platform over our competitors.

Automatic Call Recording and Transcription

Depending on the industry and type of company an answering service is working with, the agents on the phones are going to have different levels of authority or autonomy. For those who function primarily as conveyers of information to the principals, making sure they are passing along clear and accurate information is super important. CallShaper’s answering service platform allows users to both record and transcribe calls, providing a reliable and 100% accurate reference point from which to pass along important information. Likewise, call recordings and transcripts can be helpful for future analysis and performance review, training purposes, and ensuring legal compliance.

Efficient Voicemail Management

Sometimes even answering services have to field voicemail messages. As previously mentioned, one of the primary roles of an answering service is to make sure that a company is up to speed and that nothing has been missed or has fallen by the wayside while the answering service was manning the phones. As such, this can involve an answering service needing to manage voicemails that have been received. CallShaper’s intuitive interface allows you to efficiently manage voicemail messages, organizing them in order of priority, listening to them, and forwarding them to the appropriate party when needed so that no message and no customer is missed.

Customizable Call Routing

When a customer calls a company, they don’t always know if they are calling at a time when they are going to be reaching the answering service. And frankly, it shouldn’t matter. Lines of communication should still be clear and open, with the customer getting as close to reaching the person they are trying to reach as they can. This is where call routing comes into play. CallShaper’s software allows for the creation of completely customizable call routing rules that send incoming calls directly to the appropriate department or team member. This eliminates the need for manual call transfers and ensures that customers aren’t waiting around to reach the right person.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

There is a wide variety of businesses in a wide variety of industries who use telephone answering services and different businesses in different industries use unique software and apps to run their business. When a new business starts using CallShaper’s answering service platform, we want the transition to be as seamless as possible and our integration capabilities play a big role in this. The software is easy to integrate with hundreds of business tools, applications and systems, from CRMs to helpdesk software to scheduling platforms and more. This allows companies to streamline their workflows, centralize customer information and give the agents in their answering service more autonomy to complete tasks.

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