With interest rates on the rise and fewer homes on the market, it is an incredibly tense moment for mortgage companies. A smaller pool of homebuyers means a more competitive market and requires more work on the part of lenders to stand out from the rest of the pack—homebuyers have lots of options and you want them to choose you. Today, a large portion of the mortgage-selling process takes place over the phone, and how that experience goes for the customer plays a big role in whether or not they decide to go with you for their loan. Here are three call center tools critical to streamlining this process.


Software Integration


In this industry, what may start as an exploratory or informational call can quickly turn into a sales call that requires you to input customer information, look up rates, calculate payments and the like. To minimize downtime on the call, the ability to integrate these tools and databases with your dialing software is crucial. As an agent, you don’t want to be toggling back and forth between websites, CRM software, sales pages and more—you want to be able to access them all from within the dialer. This will make the call move faster and instill trust in the customer, which is so important when it comes to standing out from their other options for mortgage lenders.


Simple Call Transfer


For large companies or for those that outsource call centers, everyone on the phones may not be fully equipped to provide interest rates, offer pre-qualifications or run credit checks. If that is the case and customers want to progress to those steps over the phone, agents need to be able to transfer them to someone who can take care of those things. In most cases, customers are talking with multiple mortgage companies at the same time and something as simple as needing to call them back and finish the process at a later date could ruin your chances of closing the sale.


Compliance Tools


Because mortgage customers do a good deal of shopping around, maintaining visibility and staying top-of-mind as a viable option can go far towards securing a sale. That said, you don’t want to be calling, texting or e-mailing so much that you start to violate state or federal regulations on when you can call customers or risk being labeled as spam. A dialer that has these compliance regulations fully integrated will ensure that you don’t cross this line while also maximizing your chances of being chosen.


This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how CallShaper can help optimize your mortgage company call center. For more information, contact us today.