While there are plenty of businesses that use call centers for reaching out to customers and potential customers directly, many are also fielding calls. Whether callers are looking for help with customer service, sales, appointment scheduling, product troubleshooting or something else, a dialer that helps your agents answer and address incoming calls efficiently and successfully is critical. Here are some of the ways CallShaper can help support your inbound call center.

Easy-to-Edit IVR


A perfectly calibrated interactive voice responder (IVR) is crucial to helping callers solve their problems quickly. With CallShaper, you have numerous options for how to structure your IVR in order to support this process. If you don’t have a huge volume of calls and all your agents are equipped to handle every inquiry, you can route calls in a fixed order as they come in. If your call center is dealing with a wide variety of calls, you can route them by department, offering customers the option to select the department best suited to handle their inquiry. Depending on agent availability, time of day and day of the week, you can also send calls to voicemail or transfer them to a third party. The best part: CallShaper’s IVR features an easy-to-use drag and drop editor that allows you to adjust the options for customers based on the call data you collect.

Dynamic Scripting and Integration


Just as it is key to adjust the IVR to best suit the needs of the customer and optimize their experience, you can do the same with scripting. Agents’ scripts can be tailored and constantly edited to maximize efficiency on calls and limit how much customers have to repeat themselves. Meanwhile, seamless integration with the apps agents need to input customer information, process sales, open support tickets and other tasks will reduce downtime during calls to improve the overall customer experience.

Real Time Reporting


The ability to adjust the IVR and scripting on the fly is only useful if you have the data that will inform those decisions—and with CallShaper, you get all of that with real time reporting. Reporting features will help you see things like how call volume changes throughout the day, where calls are coming from, what they are calling about and how your agents are handling different situations. This will give you all the data you need to make changes that will improve the performance of your team as well as the experience of the customer.

These are just a few of the ways CallShaper can help streamline your inbound call center. To learn more, contact us today.