Over 20 years ago, offshore outsourcing of call centers became a popular solution to high labor costs. Many jobs at home were eliminated which created large scale ill-will and language challenges, but brought knowledge, access, and influenced customer preference. There were legitimate concerns and even though it was cheaper, the total cost could not be measured in dollars.

Fast forward two decades and there has been a shift in thinking and experience.  Some of the challenges of the past are now manageable. With new call center solutions, we are better equipped to address challenges and capitalize on the benefits of offshore or nearshore outsourcing.

Lower Cost: Lower labor rates in other countries allow increased access and volume without investing additional dollars.  You can easily cut your costs in half by outsourcing your work offshore.

Dedicated Labor: The high unemployment rate in many countries creates a culture with a high work ethic where people value their jobs.  Agents show up to work and they work hard.  A call center job is highly respected as a career.

Sufficient Technology: Access to cutting edge technology used to be a challenge in the call center business.  With cloud-based dialer, call centers can access technology and be managed around the globe as if they are in the next room. Increased transparency allows reporting and call review on a real time basis.

Experienced Talent: Outsourced call centers did not go away. The longevity of many in the industry established a workforce with years of experience to help manage your call center business remotely. There are companies who specialize in offshore outsourcing and will help you with training and management techniques to ensure your remote success.

Less Cultural Barriers: Leaders supporting the call center business have been studying the US culture for years. They watch our TV shows, they follow our politics, study language and mannerisms, and have real time news and information relevant to the area they serve. Their diligence in assimilating the US culture into their operations helps agents relate to your customers and make them feel like they are nearby.

Ultimately, if you feel as though you’re still not reaping the benefits of your call centers, nearshore or offshore, check out our feature-rich solutions to help you tackle your toughest telemarketing challenges.

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