Institutions of higher education like colleges and universities may not be the first places you think of when it comes to organizations that utilize call centers, but they have to field a huge volume of inquiries from prospective and current students and their families. In fact, many large institutions may need to use an outsourced call center to keep up with demand at certain times of year so that everyone is able to get the information they need. Here, learn about some of the most common tasks that are handled in higher education call centers.

Financial Aid Support


Even more than dealing with the stress of classes and living away from home, how you are going to pay for college can be incredibly stressful for students and their families alike. Figuring out the types of financial aid you are eligible for can be just as difficult as applying for and receiving those funds. And since nearly 84% of college students use at least one form of financial aid, chances are they will all be calling the financial aid office for guidance at least once over the course of their tenure at the college or university. The people fielding these calls must be able to easily access student files so they can answer questions about payment amounts and due dates, as well as be able to send any required forms or other information directly to students that need them. What’s more, the folks on the phones need to well-versed on the intricacies of financial aid services so that they can explain processes and assuage fears.


Enrollment and Admissions Assistance


Whether students are dealing with application forms, checking their application status, or enrolling in classes, questions inevitably arise. Like financial aid, enrollment and admissions often present puzzles that require someone with the appropriate expertise to solve. When it comes to enrollment, professionals on the phones must know which factors to prioritize and what is driving enrollment numbers, plus how to solve any accompanying logistical issues. Enrollment is very similar to order processing, so giving the people on the phones these capabilities is also key. With admissions, high privacy standards and experience with application processing are crucial, as well as being able to see the entire life cycle of an application so they can answer any status-related questions.


Prospective Student Outreach


Just as enrollment is similar to order processing, prospective student interactions are very similar to lead generation. The call center software the institution is using should make it easy to utilize a database of prospective students and do marketing outreach, plus schedule campus tours or calls with staff members to discuss more about the college or university (these same processes can also be used to reach out to alumni to solicit donations). The people speaking with prospective students need a more general knowledge of the college or university, including the most commonly asked questions and how to establish relationships that can lead to application and enrollment.


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