You probably spend a lot of money on media to get the leads and calls to come into your sales agents.  Making sure you contact as many of those leads as possible is essential to your success.  New call blocking technology and call verification regulations are making it harder for your calls to get through.  CallShaper is here to help!

The following CallShaper features are important for helping you maximize your contact rates on your campaigns.  These capabilities are where we outshine our competitors, because a lot of what you are required to do manually on other systems to manage your leads, we have built into our interface with easy to understand instructions.


Caller ID

Caller ID methodology can have a significant impact on your answer rate.  CallShaper offers the following services to help you maximize your contact rate so you can get the most out of your leads.

  • Local Touch—This service displays a local number on the customer’s caller ID so they are more likely to answer the phone. Local Touch is a patented product from Nobelbiz that CallShaper is licensed to use.  The local numbers are assigned to you in buckets, so they ring back to your main Caller ID number.
  • Trusted Caller ID—CallShaper and Nobelbiz have teamed up to offer this service. Trusted Caller ID allows you to certify the business entity and register the phone numbers associated with the entity so the phone companies know you are a legitimate business and they don’t block your calls or label them as spam or fraud on the customer’s caller ID.
  • Rotating Caller ID by attempt—This allows you to rotate the caller ID number you use on each dial attempt so the customer doesn’t see the same number popping up on their caller ID over and over again and prevents them from blocking you.
  • Assigning a Caller ID to a lead file – Lead files loaded into the system can have their own Caller ID assigned. If the lead file is separated by state, assigning a Caller ID to the lead file is a good way to present a local number to lead.


Dialing strategy

CallShaper allows you extensive control over your dialing strategy so you can determine the tactics that work best for your leads.  Finding the perfect mix of which agents to call which leads, when to call the leads and how often is an art.  Here are the things we allow you to control to optimize your contact rate:

  • Minutes between attempts—You can set the dialer for a time increment between each dial attempt.
  • Maximum attempts per day—You can control the maximum number of attempts made in one day.
  • Maximum lifetime attempts—You can control the maximum number of attempts made to a lead in the life of the lead, so it is finalized when it hits the maximum number.
  • Rest and recycle—When you are unable to reach a lead after the maximum attempts, you can rest them and then recycle them later for an additional number of attempts.
  • Alternating times per day—You can control the time increment between dials so you can alternate the time of day each attempt is made. You can also move the older leads into a new bucket so you can dial them exclusively on weekends.
  • Calls by newest, oldest, least attempts—The dialer settings allow you to call the newest, the oldest or the lowest attempts records, and you can change this on the fly.
  • Buckets so you can prioritize your hot leads—Calling buckets will allow you to segment your lead types and dial a percentage on each bucket or exclusively on one bucket at a time.
  • Best agent routing so you can route your best leads to your best agents—You can set the skill level of your agents and the desired agent skill level for your lead files so the best leads go to the best agents, or your lower-performing leads go to your new agents to help you maximize the conversion of each lead type.


Multiple touchpoints

Sometimes calling the leads is not enough.  Different people respond to different touchpoints.  CallShaper allows you to develop a strategy of rotating your calls, voice mails, emails and texts (as long as you have permission from the customer) to encourage them to take your calls or call you back.

  • Voice Mails—Leave voice mails based on the number of attempts.
  • Recordings—Voice mail messages can be prerecorded for consistency of messaging.
  • Customization—Voice mail messages can be customized by number of attempts.
    • Thank you for your inquiry, we are following up.
    • We have been trying to reach you, please call us back.
    • We have been unable to reach you after multiple attempts, please call us back.
  • Emails—In addition to leaving voice mails, you can send emails systematically based on the disposition and the number of attempts.
  • Texts—You can also supplement with text messaging if you have permission from the customer to encourage the customer to call you back.



Reporting is essential for you to know what is going on with your leads.  CallShaper reporting allows you to analyze the data so you can develop specific calling strategies by media source, time of day or by sales agents.

  • Inventory reports are available so you can track your file penetration based on the age of the leads.
  • Dial attempt reporting is set up so you can see your answer rate and your sales conversion based on each attempt made, so you can strategize how much effort to put into the leads based on your return.
  • Media or lead source reporting is available to allow you to see contact trends by source so you can design customized strategies for each source.
  • Rep reporting allows you to see who is most productive so you can address individual rep issues.
  • Time of day reporting allows you to easily track your best calling days and times.
  • Sales trend reporting helps you see your sales by product by month at a glance so you can see the impact of seasonal trends or changes in your marketing strategy.


In summary, CallShaper has built specific features into our dialing platform to allow you build a strategy that works for your leads.  Optimizing this strategy to get the highest contract rate possible can have a significant impact on your success as a business.  CallShaper stays up to date on the latest trends, regulations, and ways to improve your business. Request a Demo Today!