If you work in sales, customer outreach by phone is a crucial component of your business strategy. Still, most businesses struggle when it comes to making outbound calls. In fact, 40 percent of salespeople say prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process.

What gives? The problem is, call center agents are still manually dialing numbers or using old software, and this just won’t cut it in 2019.

This is where the latest technology comes in handy. Predictive dialers like CallShaper optimize telemarketing and boost call management. But does this tech really work? And is it worth the investment?

What is CallShaper?

CallShaper is an outbound calling system that automates customer outreach, helping your call agents manage downtime, busy signals, and disconnected calls. Use this tech to move your customers through your sales funnels without any of the fuss.

There are loads of predictive dialers on the market, but CallShaper is one of the most reputable. Customers gave it 5 out of 5 stars for “ease of use” and “customer service” on the software review website, Capterra.

What Does CallShaper Do?

You can use CallShaper for customer service — this software monitors and records calls so you can solve customer complaints quickly, for example — but it works best for outbound sales because it doesn’t have extensive case management features.

Think of CallShaper as the ultimate addition to your call center. Instead of manually dialing prospects, this program connects agents with leads from real-time sources. Import prospect information from your other databases and vendor files and keep all of your leads in one place. Then, let CallShaper work its magic. The software will automatically dial leads for your agents and improve conversion rates.

CallShaper is great for analytics, too. This software provides you with various in-depth insights into your outbound sales strategies, and you and can use all of this data to fine-tune future marketing campaigns. View historical data, campaign insights, and lead performance with a click of a mouse.

What are the Benefits of CallShaper?

CallShaper comes with a custom scripting feature, which makes it easier for your agents to stay on track and “seal the deal.” You can change scripts as often as you like or customize them for individual agents. The choice is yours.

Then there’s the internal chat system, which lets agents communicate with their supervisor in real-time. This is a great feature that allows your sales team to get support from their supervisor while they are on the phone with the customer.

Customers of CallShaper say how easy this software is to use. (Users gave this application 5 out of 5 stars for “ease of use” on review website Software Advice.) The truth is, you won’t need a whole IT department to set up and run this program. You can do it yourself — even if you have never used a predictive dialer before. This has significant cost-saving implications for your call center.

What are the Downsides of CallShaper?

Although you can use CallShaper for customer service (as previously mentioned), it lacks the case management capabilities of other systems. However, it more than makes up for this with its extensive sales features. If you are experiencing a sales slump and want to increase conversions, this software could provide you with a solution.

Still, if you still want to optimize case management and customer service, you can always integrate CallShaper into your CRM system. This program also integrates with other programs, providing you with more flexibility.

CallShaper is a predictive dialer that bursts to the brim with features. From real-time analytics to live chat, this software empowers your call center agents and could send sales into the stratosphere. Click here to request a demo.