As with any fine craftsmanship, the tools that are used are essential to the success of the artist.  The same holds true for call center agents seeking company revenue. In order to produce the best sales results and provide stellar customer service, call centers should be equipped with the best in call center software solutions.

Did you know… 72% of consumers say that when contacting customer service they expect the agent to “know who they are, what they have purchased and have insights into their previous engagements.” Microsoft

Call center software solutions help call center agents by equipping them the correct information about a potential client and their history in order to give the highest quality customer service experience.  And while the call center software pricing and options are many, understanding some of the key call center software features can point you in the right direction.  Some of the top call center software features to look for include:

  • Call Queues. Call queues are a feature that makes sure that customers on the line do not get lost when being put on hold or transferred to a different department.  Generally, every agent has a specially designed waiting queue that shows where a live customer call is waiting to be assisted.
  • Disposition Codes. Disposition codes include call outcomes that can be virtually attached to a caller profile.  These coded tags include outcomes such as, “not interested” and “please send refund.”
  • Real-Time Reporting. The real-time reporting feature offers managers and owners the opportunity to have important metrics right at their fingertips.  These metrics include the average waiting time for a caller and the number of calls an agent makes per day.
  • Predictive Dialer. A predictive dialer automatically calls several numbers when an agent is available, then transfers the live call to the agent.  Predictive dialers allow agents to contact numerous customers with a quicker approach.
  • Call Barging. Call barging lets managers enter a live call with a client and agent, and is most effective for training optimization.
  • (CallShaper does not offer this feature)

Remember, at the foundation of your call center craft is honest, helpful and exceptional customer service.  To let your call center agents produce outstanding work, be sure to give them the tools and materials they need to skyrocket your company sales.  That is why it is crucial to work with a reputable company that specializes in Call Center Software pricing, features, and solutions.  CallShaper, the originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based call center platform for efficiency- and compliance-minded directors of inbound and outbound telemarketing call centers, will help you to achieve your business goals.  The CallShaper professional team will get you on the right track to success while providing the genuine customer service that you – and your customers – deserve!  Call us today.

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