Can you imagine running your call center without having to struggle to find and retain talent?  This would be a game-changer!

The Call Center industry is highly dependent on human capital, the low unemployment rate in the US is making it harder and harder for the call center industry to maintain profitability. Call center jobs are usually not considered desirable. Recruiting can be challenging, as people want more money, and turnover is high.  Recruiting and training costs are through the roof.

Consider having an international labor pool at your fingertips. With advances in technology allowing for high-speed internet and cloud-based dialing platforms, you can have people working worldwide from the comfort of their own home. There are many countries where English is the primary language or where the population is taught English from a young age. These people can make great call center agents.  They understand and speak English well, they are educated, and they want to work.

Labor rates in other countries are low and the technology is cheap. Outsourcing your work internationally can cut your costs in half. The available workforce in other countries are highly educated and ready and eager to work hard. You can save money and be able to retain them long term.  Recruiting becomes easy, and training time is reduced because of high retention.  Sales conversion and customer satisfaction scores go up because your customers are dealing with more experienced agents because of the low turnover.

CallShaper can support your efforts in penetrating the international labor market.  Our dialer works from anywhere in the world, as long as the person has a decent computer and internet connection.  You can see real-time stats and listen to calls as they happen so you can manage someone across the world just like they were in the same room.  We are integrated with payment systems that allow you to easily send funds to your staff worldwide, making payroll a breeze.

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