At CallShaper, we are proud to partner with some incredible businesses that have revolutionized the call center industry. The businesses we work with all have the same goal: to help call centers work more efficiently and with the peace of mind that they are doing what is best for their customers. Here, we’re highlighting a few of our partners and what they do to help strengthen your call center.


ActiveProspect is an SaaS platform designed around using consent-based marketing for customer acquisition. They offer products that help their customers take action on their leads, collect data, and save money all while documenting proof of consent from customers. This protects companies against litigation and fraud all while collecting data on your leads that can be used to refine your marketing strategy going forward. For companies and call centers that utilize outbound marketing, ActiveProspect has a suite of products that organize and optimize leads and transmit that actionable data into your preferred CRM in real time.

Cloud Tech Gurus

While CallShaper’s cloud-based call center platform has numerous tools that will support the smooth and efficient functioning of your call center, you will likely need additional apps and solutions to successfully run your business. This is where Cloud Tech Gurus comes in. Finding these secondary apps and solutions takes time, but through Cloud Tech Gurus you can hire someone to do the research and discovery for you. Their experts will document what you need, screen vendors, make decisions, and guide implementation. This leaves you with more time to focus on building and running your business with the peace of mind that an expert will find the ideal vendors and solutions you need to take your company to the next level.

Cutter Consulting Group

Cutter Consulting Group specializes in sales training and consulting for companies looking to grow their sales operations. They tailor their services to the size of your team, your industry, and your goals to teach you the skills that will help your team make more sales, close more deals, and establish long-term, repeat clients for your business. Even if your call center is primarily focused on customer service, your agents can benefit from sales training. They will learn how to recognize sales opportunities within customer service calls that can ultimately increase the company’s bottom line.

OnScript AI

OnScript AI is an AI-powered platform that makes quality assurance and control easier than ever. They use speech analytics tools to transcribe customer calls as well as identify top-performing calls and agents in order to optimize your call center’s performance. In addition to AI-enabled tools, OnScript AI uses human analysts to review the AI results and point you towards the data that will help you grow and change your business for the better.

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