At CallShaper, our goal is to give our customers the best possible experience with our call center platform. Whether they are agents, supervisors, or managers, we want everyone to have access to the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and successfully. That’s why we’ve partnered with some businesses who help us do exactly that. Here, a brief introduction to a few of those awesome partners.

The Blacklist Alliance


The Blacklist Alliance protects every single one of our customers from scammers, predators and even federal and state regulators looking for ways to bring litigation against your call center. They do this by providing software that serves as a Litigation Firewall, using tools that monitor DNC data in real time to make sure you’re always staying TCPA compliant with your outreach. The Blacklist Alliance also offers tools such as legal support, compliance training, and high-level data on all the leads and numbers in your database that you can use to ensure compliance while maximizing ROI.




In almost any business, though especially in sales-oriented ones, the more you know about your potential consumers the better. That’s where a partner like Infutor comes in. As a leader in consumer identity intelligence, Infutor’s database of millions of American consumers can help you do everything from improving acquisition marketing to optimizing your CRM performance to mitigating risk to identifying the top audience segments you should be targeting. They do this by collecting privacy-compliant consumer data signals and compiling them into data sets that are easy to use and will help your brand engage with customers more effectively than ever before.




As one of our oldest partners and with over 20 years of experience in CCaaS, Nobelbiz gives call centers the software and telecom solutions they need to run their businesses effectively. How they do it: Nobelbiz offers the only telecom carrier designed specially to serve the demands of call-center-specific traffic, paired with an omnichannel cloud-based software that makes running a call center a breeze. What’s more, NobelBiz prides itself on offering fast and reliable technical support to ensure that these products are always running smoothly and supporting your call center instead of slowing it down.


Eager to see our partners in action? Contact CallShaper today to get started on your journey.