Many large companies that use call center software have more than one campaign in the works at a given time, campaigns that likely have different teams working on them. In the past, this may have made campaign management difficult, requiring extra work by managers, supervisors and IT departments to restrict agent access to certain campaigns or set up the different processes each team needed to complete the tasks associated with their particular campaign. Fortunately, CallShaper eliminates any possible extra work associated with running multiple campaigns.

First, there is no limit to the number of clients and campaigns you can run on CallShaper. The software will keep each one completely separate and protected, so that only team members who are given permission will be able to access that particular campaign—they won’t even be able to tell that other campaigns exist. On the other hand, if you are using the Manager interface, you will be able to toggle back and forth between campaigns in order to track progress, check in on agents, view sales and read reports.

Speaking of reports, this feature falls under CallShaper’s Quality Assurance safeguards. In addition to keeping campaigns and clients separate, these QA features (which include our scorecards, completely customizable to each campaign) will help protect against poorly or incorrectly entered data and underqualified or misreported sales.

CallShaper’s integration options also make it easier to manage multiple campaigns using the software. With the ability to communicate with over 1,000 different web applications, many of which can be connected to the scripting interface using webhooks, the specific applications needed by each campaign can be incorporated into that campaign’s scripting without affecting the script or management of any other campaigns.

And of course, if campaigns start to get difficult to juggle, CallShaper’s Help Center and customer support team are on hand to help you sort it all out. Still have questions about running multiple campaigns? Contact us today.