Being a call center agent is a difficult job. Not only are you being forced to remain helpful and upbeat as you communicate with customers throughout the day, but the work can become repetitive and draining. Add in the fact that agents may feel like they are alone on an island working from home and you may be dealing with low morale and/or fatigue amongst team members. Here, three ways to fight these effects and keep agents engaged in a productive and positive way.

  • Mix Up Roles and Responsibilities: If it’s an option, try shuffling the responsibilities of your team members a little bit. This will force employees to shift how they go about their day, a simple change that can help reenergize folks who may have fallen into a rut. It may also require them to learn a new skill, new sales pitch or how to respond to a new inquiry, taking some of the monotony out of their day-to-day. Not only might this help your agents, but it may also reveal strengths and skills in your employees that you didn’t know were there.
  • Schedule Off-Phone Time: Interacting with callers is the most draining part of an agent’s job, and scheduling time into their day when they are explicitly not doing this can help fight fatigue. Work in time during which they can catch up on administrative tasks, answer emails, or even go for a walk over the course of the day. This can help agents feel more in control and less frazzled, ultimately helping them do their jobs better.
  • Host Webinars: Another way to break up the monotony of an agent’s day is to host webinars or offer talks that they can attend virtually. These can provide opportunities for professional development and skill building, as well as appointments they can put on their schedules ahead of time. If people know that their day is going to be broken up in a certain way, they will likely be more productive leading up to that appointment.

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