Keeping your agents focused on making sales can be a challenge in today’s call centers. In a recent blog post we discussed these problems that range from inaccurate reporting; working with outdated legacy systems; and managing evolving customer expectations. The solution is to combating these old and new challenges is a web-based dialer. With this type of dialer, you easily have a range of choices that are efficient, affordable, and TCPA compliant.

Let’s explore the top five benefits of web-based dialers:

  1. Increased sales. With web-based dialers, you benefit from fast cloud deployment and no call center hardware maintenance costs – allowing you to scale your workforce flexibly. You have the power to add agents and locations without purchasing more hardware or expensive legacy licenses.
  2. More talk time and less dead time. Labor costs are the #1 issue related to agent performance. With a web-based predictive dialer you maximize agent talk time and minimize busy signals, disconnected numbers and voicemails.
  3. Automatic dialing features. Leads can be posted in bulk or real time with web-based dialers. Leads then become immediately available for dialing and you can track each real time source separately.
  4. Maximize live connectivity with prospects. Outbound web-based dialers enable call center agents to increase their number of live connections dramatically, while keeping checks on quality control and adherence to all applicable regulations.
  5. Safeguard against common errors. Dynamic scripting offers automation to reduce inaccuracies and support the agent’s level of efficiency. This capability also protects against poorly entered data, underqualified or misreported sales, and missing call dispositions.

These agent-focused systems are designed to boost the overall performance of your telemarketing business, thereby saving more time and money compared to traditional communication methods. This will allow you to maintain balance between workflow and agent satisfaction, making it easy to maximize your sales and talk time.

Keep your agents focused on making sales and automate 100% of your telemarketing process. Request a demo today to experience the benefits of web-based dialing.