CallShaper has grown and changed a lot since the platform was created in 2009. But even as the client base has expanded and the features have been refined and updated to suit their needs, the company’s goals for the software have not changed and the same three principles continue to drive it. We refer to those principles as the three “Y”s of CallShaper. They are:

Simplicity. One of the things that separates CallShaper from other cloud-based dialing platforms is how simple it is to navigate and use. To get started with CallShaper, all you need is a short training and demonstration from our team on how to use the platform to best suit your needs and then you’re up and running. You don’t need a dedicated IT support team to use CallShaper, as we have an in-house support team available to address any of your needs. Features of the dialer such as the dynamic scripting, quality assurance scorecards and interactive voice responder are also simple to update and edit when necessary.

Flexibility. Regardless of the size or scope of your campaign or call center, when you sign up with CallShaper you will receive the full suite of tools and features at your disposal. This way, if your campaign or your goals shift or change over time you won’t need to learn how to use new tools or how to work within a different interface. Instead, every client works within the same interface from the start, which can then be adapted to your particular needs.

Accountability. Accountability of agents to the company and accountability of the company to industry rules and regulations are both crucial to the success of a call center. CallShaper’s robust reporting tools and built-in compliance mechanisms help clients maintain both of these levels of accountability, making sure that agents are following protocols and communicating with customers effectively as well as ensuring that the campaign stays in compliance with TCPA regulations.

Every feature and solution offered in CallShaper’s cloud-based dialer was created with these three principles in mind. To see them in action, contact us today.