When you’re using an inbound call center, whether as a point of contact for sales or as a customer service hub, there are going to be a few different ways that you are directing customers to that number. You may even be paying for some of those methods, such as if you’re running a television campaign, sending out paper mailers or running advertisements online. And when you are spending hard-earned advertising dollars, you want to know that your spending is worthwhile. That’s where CallShaper’s methods for media tracking come in.

One smart strategy, especially if you’re employing a few different forms of media to drive calls, is to use a unique inbound phone number for every media source. That way, when calls come in, the dialing software can track which numbers, and therefore which sources, those calls are coming from. This can offer clear and quantifiable data on which media sources are outperforming others in terms of piquing interest and which work best for your target audience.

Likewise, CallShaper’s real time reporting metrics can tell you a lot of additional information about the calls you’re receiving from each media source as they come in. You can see the overall volume of calls being generated and which media source prompted them to call. You can see how many of the calls from each media source are being converted to sales and what those sales are, which allows the dialer to calculate the cost per sale for each media source. This information is incredibly valuable to your bottom line. If your most expensive advertisements are generating the lowest sales and the highest costs per sale, it may be time to rethink your marketing strategy. On the other hand, if your costs per sale are very low and your call volume is high, these statistics can tell you to stay the course with the plans you have in place.

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