CallShaper offers four different dialing modes: manual, preview, progressive and predictive. And while there are teams and campaigns for which each dialer will be ideal, the dialing mode that helps CallShaper rise above the rest is the predictive dialer.

The predictive dialer utilizes statistical algorithms and our industry-leading software to maximize the number of calls your team is able to make per day. It takes into account how many agents are on your team, the size of your lead pool, the frequency at which calls are being answered and all of the state and federal regulations that apply to the leads you have in the system. It then adjusts the dialing pace and ratio accordingly. The result: Reductions in unanswered calls, long waiting times, dead numbers and call abandonments.

What’s more, all of these processes are happening in the background of the dialer. Your agents won’t need to be constantly checking to make sure the dialer is running, nor do they need to initiate any of these processes. It is all completely automated, with CallShaper’s cloud-based dialer doing all of the work for you and resulting in a more efficient and effective dialing process.

If you’d like to learn more about how CallShaper’s features can maximize your business, request a demo today.