CallShaper’s dynamic scripting offers a variety of features that make conversions easier for your agents to make. Features like pre-filled forms, rebuttals, frequently asked questions, supervisor chat, transfer and window tabs improve your agents’ ability to do their jobs confidently, consistently, and up to the company’s standards. Meanwhile, CallShaper’s ability to integrate its platform and scripting interface with other apps that your company uses will also help streamline processes. And one of the ways that CallShaper is streamlining integration through its dynamic scripting features is with the use of webhooks.

Webhooks are ways that the CallShaper platform can communicate with other applications that your business uses. Essentially, they are a technology through which CallShaper can send messages to other apps and update them accordingly. Say that you run an inbound call center where you want to track how many times people call. First, you can create a step in your scripting in which your agent asks if this is the first time the customer has called, with yes and no options for the agent to select. Then you can insert a webhook within those “yes” and “no” answers so that when your agent selects one, the answer will be sent to your customer database and it will be updated accordingly. It’s like when you sign up for text message notifications through an app. You do something in the app, then it automatically sends you a text message about it.

This process is totally automated, so you won’t need to manually update your customer database or other apps after you complete a call, which would increase the time between calls and decrease agent efficiency. Interested in learning more about CallShaper’s integration options and how they can maximize your business? Contact us today.