How A Call Center Scripting Software May Be The Answer

If your business utilizes a call center with live agents and you are unsure of why your agents are not reaching company sales goals, here is a note-worthy tip that may help: a recent study shows that up to 72 percent of customers or prospective customers will switch to (or choose to work with) one of your competitors if your agent is unprepared or cannot answer their questions.  It’s true.  That is why having Call Center Scripting Software, software that works in conjunction with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and a solid, detailed script designed for your agents- is critical for business productivity.

Ready. Set. Talk…

In order to find success from utilizing this software, your actual script must include the main talking points and questions that a customer may have in addition to the answers to common questions. Having Call Center Script Software lessens fumbling for answers or having to put a customer on hold to ask a manager, which in turn helps to minimize customer frustrations.  Having a script in front of your agents will also ensure that they speak clearly and with confidence.

Time is of The Essence

As you are well aware by now, when running a business that utilizes a call center, there is a minimal window of time for an agent to speak with a customer.  The customer will either be interested (or hang up), so in order to catch and keep their interest, your agent must be appropriately prepared with what he or she has to say.  Whether it is a sales pitch, data submission, payment capture or working with a prospect qualifying process, having a solid, tailored script will ensure that your agent is prepared to get right to the point of the call, answer any questions – and close that sale.  Still, designing the perfect script for your call center agents can be a tricky endeavor and often needs tweaking and revisions on the spot. That is why having Call Center Scripting Software is pertinent to have for your business- right at your fingertips!

Increasing Productivity and What NOT to Do

This software can increase the productivity of your call center by reducing training costs and giving excellent customer service.  Additionally, it can help to build a sales pitch that is consistent and really works to achieve your financial goals.  It is also pertinent to know one of the main things to avoid when working from a script. To maximize the success of your Call Center Scripting Software, your agents will want to avoid sounding robotic.  All too often, when reading directly from a script, it can sound as though your agent is, well, reading directly from a script.  This can put potential customers off because sounding robotic removes the personal connection and the level of customer service that is valued by clients and potential clients.

When working with clients and prospective customers, delivering high-quality work is of the utmost importance.  It is what sets your company apart, leaps and bounds above your competitors. That is why it is crucial to work with a reputable company that specializes in Call Center Scripting Software.  Enter: CallShaper.  The originator of a cutting-edge cloud-based call center platform for efficiency- and compliance-minded directors of inbound and outbound telemarketing call centers, the professional team at CallShaper will help you achieve your business goals.  The CallShaper team is here for you and ready to get you on the right track of success.  We look forward to working with you!

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