How Integrating a Cloud-based Predictive Dialer Can Sky-Rocket Your Sales

Time is money.  Money is time. In our very fast-paced world where every second counts, a Cloud-based Predictive Dialer may be just what you need to run your business more efficiently.  With the ability to increase your call volume by more than 400%, a this software-based in the cloud that handles your calling and live transfer leads. The software can save you more than time.  Dialing automatically from a selected database, this dialer uses algorithms to deliver live calls to an agent-based on past performance.  Using the Cloud-Based Predictive Dialer in any size call center, can improve employee productivity, minimize downtime, save money and provide interactive customer service– all of which can increase your overall sales!  With business becoming more globalized, integrating this dialer to your call center business will set you apart from the competition.

Productivity vs. Downtime

When it comes to time, the Cloud Predictive Dialer can assist in increasing your sales in ways that include:

  • Minimizing an agent’s downtime –  Cutting out an agent’s manual dialing time in addition to the waiting time for a caller to answer.  The minimization of an agent’s downtime also includes cutting out fax numbers, no answers, busy signals, numbers no longer in service, ‘do not call’ numbers, answering machines and voicemail.
  • Maximizing efficiency – When used correctly, this dialer comes with the ease of use and the convenience of easy training your new and experienced agents.  Often equipped with lead capture, call results, customer data collection the ability to schedule timely callbacks, these dialers provide the ability for call monitoring by administrators and managers to continue positive development and individualized ways to help your agents meet their sales goals.

Save Money and Provide Stellar Customer Service

When it comes to reducing business costs, predictive dialers are much more economic overall.  The major benefits include:

  • No tangible maintenance costs – Since the Cloud-based Predictive Dialer works on Cloud technology, there is no tangible maintenance, which means no additional cost to you.
  • Less need for additional agents – The Cloud Predictive Dialer is call efficient. Even though the number of outbound calls increases significantly, the dialer is only passing calls answered to the agents, resulting in lower staffing requirements.
  • A higher level of customer service – Most of these dialers have excellent software integration options for customer relationship management (CRM).  In addition to personal one-on-one customer service availability, the CRM can manage the required data needed for the connected customer or client available on the screen.  This enables the agent to manage the conversation, speak with confidence and knowledge and take notes during the call.

Needless to say, the Cloud-based Predictive Dialer can provide endless ways for you to increase your company’s sales and in turn, your revenue.  But please note, that the best way to maximize your sales efforts and results with a Cloud Predictive Dialer is to work with a reputable, honest and reliable company.  That is where CallShaper comes in.

We are here to work with you to explain all the benefits of a Cloud-based Predictive Dialer. At CallShaper, we provide services for all business sizes and we guarantee that we will work within your budget to help you maximize your return on investment (ROI).  Call us today. We are looking forward to helping your business move upward. Right to the Cloud.

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