When most people think of an inbound call center they think of customer service, or a number that a customer calls to resolve an issue they are dealing with related to a product or service the company offers. However, this is not the only role that an inbound call center can play for a business. Here, three other reasons you might need an inbound call center besides fielding customer service inquiries.

Order and Claim Processing


While it’s true that you can buy just about everything online these days, there are still exceptions to this rule. And in those cases, it’s almost always necessary to get on the phone with a real person in order to get your order processed successfully. Likewise, if you need to file a claim with an insurance company, a complaint with a retailer or a request for a replacement product, these will likely need to be done over the phone, thanks to the potential for the sharing of personal details that such calls would involve.


Dispatch Services


Not every call center is external facing. Companies that dispatch employees to installation sites or customer’s homes, such as solar and energy companies, cable companies and taxi and trucking companies, have an internal call center that they use to communicate with employees and contractors and make sure everyone is where they need to be at any given time and are staying on schedule. In addition to receiving schedules, employees at these types of companies are often calling in to their internal call center to get their next assignment or to confirm details about clients, so it’s just as crucial for the call center to be functioning efficiently as it would be for a customer-facing call center.


Appointment Scheduling


Whether you’re setting up a doctor’s appointment, scheduling the installation of your new cable or getting on the calendar to get your teeth cleaned, you need to get an appointment on the books. In most cases, this requires calling an office that is also dealing with other sorts of calls and inquiries, so you’ll be reaching them through some sort of call center. Depending on the technology or interactive voice responder the company is using, people may be able to schedule appointments without speaking with someone directly. That said, many people feel more comfortable talking to someone in the office, especially if they have questions about timing, pre-appointment requirements or insurance coverage.

There are many different types of businesses that may need a call center, even those that don’t field customer service inquiries, and CallShaper’s dialer can help with all of them. To learn more about how, request a demo today.