When we were founded in 2009, CallShaper was all about creating a cloud-based call center platform that optimized sales efficiency to increase your bottom line. Over the years, our platform has become more robust and the tools offered have expanded to support more types of businesses but our core offerings remain the same. Whether your company is focused in B2B or B2C sales, we have the tools and features that will help you rise above the competition.

One of the most important parts of sales is connecting with as many potential customers as possible in the most efficient way possible. But depending on the size of your team or the nature of your product, what that means may differ from company to company. That’s why CallShaper offers multiple types of dialers, including manual, preview, and predictive dialers that help optimize the number of connections you make per day while limiting dead numbers and abandoned calls. The other key part concerns leads and making sure you’re spending time pursuing the most promising ones. CallShaper offers numerous lead management tools, including bulk file uploading, real time posting of new leads, flexible lead prioritization and real time reporting that will quickly reveal how well leads from a certain source are panning out so you know where to direct your team’s efforts going forward.

For companies that are spending money on advertising or other forms of media outreach and relying on these to draw customers to them, CallShaper has tools that track the performance of different forms of media, from overall campaigns to individual advertisements, based on how many sales transactions they are initiating. This analysis is invaluable when it comes to determining future advertising and marketing budgets and how to maximize your return on investment in these arenas.

In addition to media reports, other reports that will help improve and optimize sales include those specifically focused on the types of sales being made. If you have a campaign with multiple product options, upsells or downsells you can see which product category is bringing in the most revenue, plus how customers are reacting to all options, which will help inform how you focus your product development energy and sales focus in the future.

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