In today’s call center environment, it’s important for your business to use a system that works in harmony with your workforce. So, in order to understand how you can best leverage your call center and keep agents efficient, below are the top 5 benefits of predictive dialers for your sales-focused call center.

  1. Diverse and Multifunctional. Predictive dialing software does a lot of work in the background. For example, predictive dialers are enhanced with statistical algorithms to increase the number of calls made within the day, automate the process of handling calls and reduce the incidents that would otherwise lead to unanswered calls, longer waiting times or dead numbers. Predictive dialing software dials multiple numbers at a time, depending on the rate of call outcomes. Also, as your campaign changes, the software will monitor those changes and react accordingly to maintain the utmost efficiency.
  2. No Chance of Bias. Predictive dialing software that uses algorithms to predict the duration of each call and automatically assigns calls to available agents does not wait for an agent to be available. This means that your agents will not have to feel perplexed over the choice of call, allowing all agents to handle calls equally and collectively. Immediately, you will notice that this optimizes lead management while increasing the chance of always being able to connect a live call with an agent.
  3. Improves Worker Efficiency. Predictive dialers use algorithms to predict call duration and will automatically assign calls to other agents. Its built-in designs are configured to work in the most competitive environment to lock in more sales and make impactful profits. In other words, you will notice an increase in productivity and labor efficiency. With the best predictive dialers, each agent now spends 55 minutes of every hour busied by potential customers. At CallShaper, we take it one step further by building in Federal and State regulations so speed does not come with expensive fines and penalties. Not abiding by Federal and State regulations, therefore not being TCPA compliant, leads to significant financial consequences and your call center as a whole will suffer greatly. Luckily, our built-in regulatory rules provide a vast improvement in efficiency, downing idle time from 33% to a mere 8% while adhering to applicable regulations.
  4. Reduces Human Error. There is always a chance that two agents will call a particular client or a call is left unanswered. But predictive dialers are a solution to all of these issues, allowing you to automate the entire calling and handling system to reduce human error and entertain maximum calls at any time. Your agents will also not be limited to a tiny 4:1 dialing ratio, nor will they need to babysit the dialer. Keeping busy while reducing error through automation is the key to a successful call center.
  5. Helps Close More Sales. Not all calls will result in success, but the fact that the agents are attending to more calls increases the possibility that more leads will be converted by the end of each shift. Doing manual dialing wastes a massive portion of talk time, most of which is spent listening to busy tones, leaving voicemails or scheduling follow ups. Now with a predictive dialer, your agents will successfully increase call volume and drive your call center’s revenue!

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