Three things—Compliance, Contact Rates and Ease of Use


“When I get look ups, I can respond in seconds with the full call history, call recordings, and proof of consent.  It is so easy to look up records and CallShaper maintains the records indefinitely.”

CallShaper allows you to search campaigns by phone number or customer name and pull up the full call history in seconds.  You can see each attempt made, the call result of each attempt, and pull the recordings with a click of a button.  And you can store the proof of consent information with the record, so it is easy to document.

CallShaper has built compliance into the dialer to ensure your managers cannot ignore or miss settings like abandonment messaging, caller ID requirements, time zone, state and holiday calling restrictions and DNC scrubbing.  You have peace of mind that your dialing is compliant when you use CallShaper.

Contact Rates

“When I switched from Vici to CallShaper, my contact rates doubled!  The dialer settings in CallShaper allow me to prioritize calling by bucket, by agent, by age of record, or by number of attempts.  I can adjust calling strategies on the fly.  My agents keep busy and I am able to reach a lot more customers!”

CallShaper has a lot of flexibility to help you prioritize and optimize your calling efforts.  You can call the newest leads first, the oldest leads first, or the leads with the least number of attempts.  You can route calls to your agents based on buckets which can be used to segment your leads based on file performance, and you can route the leads to your agents based on skill sets so your best sales agents get your best leads.  You can also control how many attempts you make per day and over the lifetime of the leads and the intervals in which you make those attempts based on specific dispositions.  This flexibility allows you to maximize your contact rate on each campaign.

Ease of Use

“IT has historically been a bottleneck for me.  It could take weeks to get a new campaign up, when I have clients waiting and reps available.  Now I can just set up a new campaign myself in minutes, including the scripting, the reporting, call transfers, and export files.  Speed to market is now a day instead of weeks!”

Because CallShaper has an extremely friendly user interface, you don’t have to be a techie to set up a campaign.  Scripting can be set up by the user, including branching, data capture and data validation.  Reporting and export files can be customized and scheduled to either email or go to an FTP site.  And CallShaper’s white glove customer support can help train you if you have more complex requirements.

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