Managing a call center is a tough job (especially in the current moment when many call center agents are working from home). Even so, there are steps you can take as a manager to make your job smoother and bring out the best in your employees. Here, three keys to success as a call center manager.


  1. Hire the Right Agents


It’s no surprise that who the agents are plays a critical role in the success of a call center. As the manager, it’s your responsibility to take the time to thoroughly evaluate potential agents for your call center. Indeed, taking this time on the front end will mean less agent turnover, less time spent on training and increased sales. How can you hire the right agents? In addition to looking at their experience, role-playing exercises during interviews will give you an idea of how candidates will react when faced with different possible situations with callers.

  1. Regularly Review Performance


Having reporting and quality assurance mechanisms in place that help you quickly and easily assess your agents’ performance will ensure that you are constantly aware of any struggles your agents are having, issues they are facing or situations in which they could be reacting better. When it comes to reporting and reviewing how your agents are doing, CallShaper has numerous real-time reporting tools as well as quality assurance scorecards with which you can evaluate and optimize individual and team performance.


  1. Be Empathetic


Empathy may be the most important quality a manager can have. Even if, and perhaps especially if, your call center agents are working from home, you need to take steps as a manager to make sure that your agents know that you understand and care about their experience on a daily basis. Managing a call center is tough, but so is being a call center agent. Make sure your agents know that you appreciate their work and effort by rewarding their good performance, encouraging social interactions between members of your team and offering flexibility in hours and days worked when possible.

You may have noticed that training is not one of the above keys to managerial success. And while it is incredibly important, if you are using CallShaper’s award-winning dialer software we will provide all the training necessary to get agents up to speed on how to use the platform, as well as constant customer support whenever its needed.

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