Call centers serve numerous functions in business today. There are fully staffed inbound call centers that field inquiries and requests from customers and clients and deal with things like order processing and tech support. There are automated call centers that help organizations stay in touch with their customers, sending things like appointment and scheduling reminders and account updates. Then there are outbound call centers, which can handle tasks like appointment setting, market research and sales.

A sales-focused outbound call center is going to need different and specialized tools and capabilities in their dialing software than almost any other call center. Here, five of the features included with CallShaper that make it the best choice for sales-focused call centers.

  • Efficient and Effective Lead Management: When you’re running a sales-centric call center, you are going to have tons of leads coming in from a variety of sources—and without the right tools, lead management can become a fulltime job. With CallShaper, the software makes it easy to upload, organize, categorize and prioritize leads based on source and location, plus it will generate reports on the quality of the leads so you know which sources to invest time and money in going forward.
  • Predictive Dialer: Our most advanced and effective dialer, the predictive dialer uses multiple algorithms to increase the number of calls made per day as well as reduce the number of unanswered calls, shrink long weight times and limit dead numbers.
  • Dynamic Scripting: The script for a sales pitch is going to look very different from the script for a market research or data submission call. CallShaper’s dynamic scripting allows you to edit and adjust the script for a specific campaign in real time, tailoring it to the precise needs of your clients.
  • Built-In Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring that your call center is staying compliant with TCPA regulations is another job that can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools. With numerous compliance mechanisms built into the dialer, CallShaper guarantees that you are constantly in compliance with federal and state regulations regarding who you can call and when.
  • Seamless Integration: A successful sales call will require the agent to process an order at some point during the call—and once they’ve closed the sale, you want that process to happen quickly. That’s where CallShaper’s integration tools come in. You can integrate your specific ordering system and/or customer database directly into the script so that agents don’t have to toggle between multiple windows in order to complete a sale.

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