Cold calling is still a significant part of sales, especially in B2B markets. But if your reps are not well-trained and prepared, you may see the results of these efforts lagging. Here are three ways to increase your connection rates from cold calling.

Review Your Calls

When you’re just starting out with a new product or new sales strategy it may take some time for your team to get their legs under them. But as soon as you can, reviewing how calls go and their results can be incredibly helpful towards improving the outcomes. You will learn how your agents are performing and how customers are responding, which will help you identify moments during the call that may require adjustments or changes in approach in order to complete the sale.


Prepare for Questions


Questions are an inevitable part of any sales call, whether it’s a cold call or a scheduled one. Taking the time to review your calls will reveal the most common questions that customers are asking and rebuttals they are making to the information presented. From there, you can edit your script to include responses to these questions and rebuttals so that reps are ready to answer and steer the customer back toward a sale.


Vet Your Numbers


Perhaps the biggest factor standing in the way of successful connections from cold calling is whether or not the potential customers answer the phone when you call. One way to drastically increase your connection rates is through a program like CallShaper’s Caller ID AutoPilot, which purchases phone numbers local to your campaign and registers them with carriers so that they aren’t labeled as spam. From there, Caller ID AutoPilot limits the number of calls made from each number each day and pulls numbers out of rotation if they are flagged. The result: Up to a 43% increase in connection rate.

In addition to Caller ID AutoPilot and mechanisms that make it easy to review calls and edit your scripts, CallShaper’s dialer is packed with tools that will help you up your connection rate. Contact us today to learn more.