No matter the nature of your business, budgets can be fickle and difficult to determine. Choosing whether to invest in equipment, personnel, advertising, or technology can have lasting effects on the success of your business. If your model requires the use of a call center, a good dialing software is worth the investment. Here are four reasons why.

1) It maximizes contacts. A dialing software will offer options like automatic or predictive dialers, which adjust the speed at which leads are dialed and the number of leads that are dialed at a time based on how many agents are working and how many calls are being picked up. It will also allow you to place leads in buckets according to quality, age, and priority in a way that will limit abandonments and increase the likelihood of connecting with customers.

2) It increases efficiency and productivity. To be considered efficient and productive, agents should be talking on the phone to prospective customers 55% to 75% of the time. If they aren’t, they are wasting time and potentially wasting money. Good dialing software will track these things and adjust its dialing methods to get agents to where they need to be. Another way to enhance productivity and revenue is to route your most promising leads to your most effective agents while allowing newer reps to develop their skills on lower stakes leads. With the right dialing software, this should be a cinch.

3) It has built-in compliance mechanisms. Failure to follow compliance regulations, both at the state and federal level, could cost your company thousands of dollars in fines and litigation. But these regulations are numerous and vary from state to state, so your dialing software should have the capacity to track and maintain compliance with them on a real-time basis. That way, your employees can stay focused on pleasing customers and making sales.

4) It creates data. The only way businesses grow and improve is by measuring and studying their performance and then making changes accordingly. Call center software can constantly generate data on contact rates, sales made, lead performance and more. This information can then be translated into concrete adjustments that will improve your business.

CallShaper’s cloud-based call center platform does all these things and more. To learn about how it can improve your business, request a demo today.