Do Not Call (or DNC) lists exists to give people a choice about whether or not they want to receive telemarketing calls. Ignoring this choice by calling people who don’t want to be called can put your company at risk for litigation or make your company the subject of a boycott or smear campaign. All that to say, maintaining up-to-date knowledge of DNC lists will keep your company protected, plus minimize wasted time spent calling people who will not become customers. The easiest way to do this is with a call center software that offers different strategies for maintaining and managing DNC lists. Some of those strategies might include:

  • Outside List Uploads: If you receive a DNC list from an outside source, you can upload that list onto your platform and integrate the information into your existing lead and client lists. This foregoes a tedious step of inputting new DNC information by hand, plus ensures that your lists are up to date, helping you avoid calling people who have very recently placed themselves on a DNC list.
  • Instant Add: If one of your agents connects with a customer who requests to be added to a DNC list while on the call, you can add a tool to the scripting interface that allows the agent to immediately place that caller on a DNC list, eliminating the risk of the agent forgetting to add the customer at a later time. This option also helps build trust between the company and the consumer, so even if a sale is not completed, the customer will probably not take future action against the company.
  • Customer Opt-Out: Opt-Out allows the customer to take things into their own hands. If an outbound call is abandoned or a customer calls back and there is no agent available to answer the phone, the customer has the option to place themselves on a DNC list so that they don’t have to deal with further missed connections.
  • Platform Integration: There are many outside platforms that create and compile DNC lists. If your call center software can be integrated with these outside platforms, it will make sure that your internal DNC lists are always up to date.

Proper DNC list management helps facilitate a trusting, positive relationship between the company and the customers, which is critical to maximizing the success of a campaign. Contact CallShaper today to learn more about best practices for DNC list management.