Even if it is the backbone of your campaign, sometimes calling your leads is not enough. With so many different modes of communication available today, there are likely people on your list who will respond better to other contact methods. And just because you are running a call center, that does not mean your agents can’t leave voicemails, send emails and shoot off text messages. As long as you have the proper permissions from your potential customers regarding appropriate and approved methods of communication, finding the right touch point might be enough to turn a lead into customer.

It’s possible that over the course of a single day your agents are getting customers’ voicemail more often than the customers are picking up. Even if your campaign relies on a back and forth between the agent and customer or incorporates upsells and downsells, the right voicemail may be enough to finally spark a connection. You can determine whether or not to leave a voicemail based on the number of call attempts that have been made to that lead, and you can customize the message that your agent leaves depending on that attempt number. The message might inform the customer that you are following up and will try again at a later date or time, or it might encourage the customer to call back when it is convenient for them. Scripting can dictate which of these voicemails an agent should leave in real time, or you could prerecord messages to maximize efficiency and maintain consistency.

In addition to voicemails, emails and text messages can be employed. Perhaps you have a customer who never answers phone calls from unknown numbers but reads every single email that arrives in their inbox, or someone who works in an office in which they can’t answer the phone but are constantly replying to texts. You can send emails based on the number of call attempts that have been made, customizing them in a way similar to voicemails. Text messages can also be used to encourage a potential customer to call you back, or even to encourage them to listen to a voicemail you may have left.

With CallShaper, your campaign does not need to be limited to phone calls. Reach out today to learn more about using multiple touch points to grow and improve your business.