Despite having been around for years, many people and businesses are still learning about the cloud and how they can use it to their benefit. And while some of these perks may not be obvious at first, there are many ways that moving to a cloud-based software can make your business more efficient and successful. These include:

  • Location Flexibility: When you are using cloud-based software, it does not matter where your employees are physically located. As long as they have a strong internet connection, they will be able to access the programs and data they need to complete their jobs, a possibility that has become especially crucial in the last year. While this doesn’t prevent folks from working together in a single office, it also doesn’t rule out the possibility of them working from different locations if necessary.
  • Unlimited Storage: If you are using a premise-based system, all of your data and software will be stored on physical computers and hard drives, the sizes of which are set and finite. With the cloud, your storage capacity is unlimited. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to compliance, since it means you can store reports, call logs and call recordings for longer periods of time than you may have if your storage capacity was finite.
  • Enhanced Security and Safety: To access data that is stored on hard drives, or to steal that data, one merely needs access to the physical hard drive. But if you are using the cloud, having the physical machine does virtually nothing. Even if an employee’s laptop is stolen, the thief would need to know how to log into the cloud-based system in order to access the company’s data, a process that may involve multi-factor authentication or other extra security measures. Having your business’s data on the cloud also protects you if computers or hard drives break or are damaged, since a specific machine is not critical to accessing that data.
  • Cost Savings: Hard drives, servers and computers are expensive to buy and maintain. If you’re using cloud-based software you will need far less of this expensive hardware, plus you won’t need to constantly pay for maintenance and upgrades, which likely come built into the cloud-based software package.

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