Every day in the past year has brought new questions and uncertainties. About what people will be able to do safely and what they won’t, about the steps that governments, companies and other large bodies and organizations are taking to make things safer, and just about what daily life will look like. It’s been a scary and stressful time for everyone. This is likely something you’ve already addressed with your team, discussing the ways you may need to adjust your approach to customers and sales. If people were impatient or on edge before, they are likely even more so these days and may require you to put on your kid gloves more often.

Fortunately, with a platform like CallShaper, your agents and the members of your team do not need to face these challenges individually. Through the use of instant messaging and the ability of the supervisor to enter into calls in different ways, team members can stay connected, make others aware of any challenges they have faced and create the opportunity to collaboratively work towards a solution. The scripting your agents use is easy to edit and can be changed as often as is needed, so that you can be constantly making adjustments that address how customers are reacting to certain parts of the call or pitch. Reports can also be edited and customized, so if you become aware of a new concern that your customers are having and want to monitor or analyze how well your agents are responding to it you are able to do so.

Adaptability and flexibility have been crucial in recent months and will continue to be essential to running a successful call center in the future. CallShaper understands this and offers the tools and features that allow you to adjust and adapt your processes on the fly so that you are always addressing your customers’ most pressing needs. Not only will this make things easier (and more pleasant) for your agents, but it will show your customers that you are paying attention to and care about their personal experiences, a key step in building lasting and profitable relationships.

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