When many people think of call centers and call center software, their minds go immediately to telemarketing. However, there are numerous businesses across varied industries that can benefit from the use of quality call center software. Here, four surprising businesses that fall into that category.



Do you sell something? Do your customers occasionally have questions about that thing you sell? If the answer to those questions is yes, then call center software is going to play a vital role in your business. Customers need a way to contact you, and chances are you don’t want all of those calls going to one single phone. Call center software will allow you to create a system that directs customers to the person or department best suited to handle their inquiry. It will also track what those inquiries are and the frequency of the different types so you can adjust your business or products accordingly.


Start Ups


Apart from having a solid, proven idea, product or concept, start ups need investors. And while there is a great deal of communication that happens over email today, there are certain deals and conversations that still need to happen over the phone. People running start ups are likely juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, so an effective dialing software can help them keep track of their communications with investors and partners with minimal effort on their part. Call center software that can play various roles for a company, such as media tracking, lead analysis and quality assurance, is also very beneficial for businesses with small teams where everyone is wearing more than one hat.


Online and app-based banking have exploded in popularity and use in recent years, but money is precious and must be kept secure. For both of these reasons, there are certain tasks that simply can’t be completed through a website and must be done over the phone. Since banks handle many different types of accounts and tasks for their customers, call center software can direct people to the department best equipped to handle their problem or request as well as record data on the types of business the bank is doing on a regular basis.


Healthcare Providers

If someone has a question or a concern about their health, chances are they don’t want to send an email or place a request through an online portal—they want to speak to a qualified professional who can help them immediately. At the same time, the people who work in healthcare are incredibly busy and likely are not standing by at all hours to answer patient questions. Call center software serves as the intermediary, directing callers to the people who are both available and qualified to provide the help that’s needed.

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