A lot has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, for your business, your employees and your customers alike. Schedules and routines have changed and priorities have shifted. Things that were important to people a year ago may seem trivial or inconsequential, while things they took for granted may seem more important than ever. It is in the context of all of these shifts that it has become clear that quality assurance, and having the proper tools to track and quantify it, has become even more critical to the success of your call center business.

First and foremost, it’s highly likely that your team is not working all together in an office. Therefore, you can’t hear how many people are speaking with customers and how they are handling calls. CallShaper’s Quality Assurance Scorecards are the only method you have available to track and evaluate your agents’ performance. The information you glean from the customizable questions on these scorecards can reveal if your agents have had a dip in productivity or efficiency since working from home—and if so, prompt you to take steps to remedy that.

The fact that things like the scorecards and the IVR are easy to edit and customize can also be incredibly helpful. Depending on who your target customers are, they may be either more or less willing to speak to one of your agents than they were a year ago, or more or less willing to spend money on what you’re selling. If the answer to either of those questions is more, then it’s critical that your agents are doing everything they can to convert leads. And again, the quality assurance mechanisms available in CallShaper’s software can help you discover whether or not they are doing so.

Finally, and this was important before the pandemic as well as now, quality assurance builds trust. If your agents are consistently performing at a high level it cultivates confidence and trust in the company on the part of the customer. Especially in a climate plagued by uncertainty, this trust can make a world of difference.

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