Any call center is only as successful as its agents—and a successful agent is one that is both efficient and productive, meaning that they not only work through calls at a healthy clip but that each call also yields a positive outcome for both the business and the customer. Here are four ways you can ensure maximum agent productivity.

Appropriate Staffing


The simplest way to ensure that your agents are being productive is to make sure there are the appropriate number of agents working at any given time. If there are too many agents clocked in this can encourage procrastination or decreased efficiency, while too few agents can cause people to rush through calls and leave customers unsatisfied. Having the right number will give agents the appropriate amount of time to deal with each call in a productive manner.


Agent Autonomy


Micromanaging can cause agents to lose confidence in their skills and their ability to solve problems. Conversely, giving them the trust and leeway to deal with customers on their own will help build their abilities and their confidence, both of which will result in more productive customer interactions.


Frequent Engagement


Happy agents are productive agents and one way to keep your agents happy is to give them fun opportunities to interact with one another (this is especially important if the members of your team are working from home). Examples include regular check-ins, happy hours, trainings or other activities that reinforce the idea that everyone is on a team—even if they are in different locations.


The Right Technology


Call center software that is difficult to navigate can be a direct hindrance to agent productivity. But the right call center platform, one that includes features like easy-to-use, dynamic scripting, full integration with customer databases and sales systems and mechanisms that allow for instant communication between agents and supervisors, will turbocharge productivity.

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