While companies would love to have every single aspect of their business handled in-house, that’s not always feasible or practical. Business process outsourcing (or BPO) allows companies to outsource tedious or time-consuming tasks, like administrative duties such as scheduling and appointment confirmation, as well as specialized roles such as accounting, payroll, customer service and human resources. Utilizing BPO provides instant access to experienced professionals and one or more headaches avoided, leaving more time to focus on things like product development, sales, operations and other elements that may play a more central role in growing the business.

But one risk inherent in BPO, especially if you’re outsourcing consumer-facing roles like customer service or scheduling, is a potential disconnect between the business itself and the folks performing these outsourced roles. They may not be able to answer every question or respond to every possible hiccup—not for lack of preparation, but simply because they are not in a position to make a decision about how to proceed with an unforeseen situation.

That’s where CallShaper comes in. No matter the task being outsourced, the tools available in CallShaper make it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate with contractors and ensure that every task is being performed effectively. Dynamic scripting that is easy to edit makes it a cinch to update the information available to contractors and adjust their approach to different situations based on real-time trends in customer interactions. Built-in communication mechanisms like instant messaging features facilitate communication between contractors and employees so that contractors can relay information about problems they are seeing or questions they are fielding and the appropriate people can determine how to handle them. And if this isn’t possible, like if the contractors are in a different time zone, for example, real-time reporting tools allow employees to review their performance and look for existing issues to then solve accordingly.

BPO is just one of the many business solutions that integrates seamlessly with CallShaper’s platform. To learn about the others, contact us today.