CallShaper’s cloud-based platform allows for all members of a team or campaign to be located in different parts of the world while still doing their jobs successfully—and that includes supervisors. While in years past a supervisor’s job may have involved peeking their head out of their office or taking walks around a sales floor, the supervisor interface with CallShaper allows the person in this key role to do all that and more without ever getting up from their computer. Here, five ways that supervisors can oversee and assist their teams in real time.

  • Chat: This simple feature allows for supervisors to start instant message conversations with any member of their team at any time. The supervisor can also create group chats if they need to pass along information to the team as a whole. Agents can also start chats with their supervisor but not with other agents in order to increase productivity.
  • Monitor: The Monitor feature is the first of three ways that a supervisor can enter an ongoing call. If they choose to monitor, they are entering the call silently, so that neither the agent nor the customer knows they are there.
  • Whisper: The second way a supervisor can enter an ongoing call, the Whisper feature allows them to speak directly to the agent without the customer hearing what they say. This could come in handy if an agent sends their supervisor a chat with a question during a call and the supervisor prefers to hop on the call in Whisper mode to give the agent the answer so that they can relay it to the customer.
  • Barge: The final option for entering an ongoing call, the supervisor has the capability to Barge into the call, making it a three-way call between the customer, the agent and the supervisor so that all three can converse together.
  • Agent Stats and Rankings: The supervisor’s CallShaper home page looks different than the agent’s home page. On the former, the supervisor can monitor agent stats in real time, including how many agents are logged in, how many are on calls, how many are wrapping up calls, and how many are available. They can also view real-time rankings of agents based on total conversions for the current day or week.

To learn more about how CallShaper makes things simple for supervisors, reach out today.